A new version of season3.


“Deb, this is between Michael and me,” Ben tried to explain.


“The fuck it is!” Deb snapped.  “Are you going to be around when he needs someone to comfort him?”  She lowered her tone and made sure that Ben understood that she was thinking clearly.  “How long do you expect him to wait around for you?”


Ben lowered his head thinking of a response, but it wasn’t needed.  Deb walked away and allowed him more time to think it over.




“Who the fuck does he think he is?” Ty mumbled to himself.  “We’re not even together anymore.  Why the fuck did I even invite his lazy, drunken ass here?  Oh yeah, to try and make another selfish asshole jealous, only that selfish asshole couldn’t give a rat’s ass about me.  Nobody gives a rat’s ass about me.”


“I do,” Brook chuckled, leaning on the wall. 


“Bullshit,” Ty replied.  “You hate my guts…”


“No I don’t,” Brook disagreed.  “Get me a drink…”


“Get your own fucking drink,” Ty snapped. 


“Scotch on the rocks…”


Ty looked at Brook and sighed.  He rolled his eyes, then picked up the bottle of scotch and poured a glass.  Tossing some cubes into the glass, he then handed it to the drugged out Brook. 


Brook grabbed Ty’s arm but didn’t resist when the blond tugged away.  Ty grabbed Ramon’s beer and walked off.


“Wait,” Brook said and Ty paused.  “Don’t you want your tip?”


“It’s on the house,” he flung back over his shoulder.


“You deserve someone who gives a shit about you,” Brook replied.  “Or at least makes a better impression than that creep you’re with.”


“Tell me something I don’t already know,” Ty said turning.


“Alright,” Brook told him.  “I fuck like a wild horse.”


“Is that the criteria?”

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