A new version of season3.


“Brian fucks like a wild horse,” Brook replied.  “It’s been a while for him and me, but his reputation hasn’t suffered over the years.”


“You’re nothing like Brian.”


“Exactly,” Brook sighed.  “And you’re nothing like Justin.”


Ty watched as Brook drained his drink and glanced at Ramon, who was just finishing off another beer. 


“You’re right,” Ty replied.  “You’re absolutely right.”




“There he is,” Justin told Brian, pointing to where Michael sat on the steps up to the home.  “Should I come with you?”


“No,” Brian replied, “but if you could stick around…”


“I’ll be right here.”


Brian kissed Justin one more time before walking over to Michael and sitting next to his best friend.  They sat in silence for a few moments before Michael rested his head on Brian’s shoulder.


“Ben’s going on his sabbatical,” Michael explained with a sigh.  “He says he might be away from six months to almost two years.”


“What do you want me to tell you, Mikey?”


“Why do they always leave me?”  Michael asked, almost in tears.


“He’s a stupid son of a bitch for leaving,” Brian replied, wrapping an arm around his best friend.  “If it was meant to be then, when he comes back you two can pick up where you left off.”


“You don’t believe that.”


“You’re right,” Brian sighed.  “But it sounded pretty good.”


“I love him,” Michael said as though it would explain it all.  “I really do and I want to be with him.”


“If you can’t be with the one you love…honey…love the one you’re with,” Brian quoted, trying not to make it sound like the classic song, but failing so much so that he chuckled.


“It’s not funny,” Michael whined.  “It’s my life!”

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