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“I know, Mikey, I know,” Brian replied, hugging his friend tighter.  “But you can’t wait around, especially if you don’t know how long you’d be waiting around…or if it will all be in vain in the end.”


“It’s like it’s a death watch,” Michael explained.  “It’s like he’s giving up.”


“Ever think it’s his way of fighting?”  Brian asked, knowing Michael hadn’t. 


Michael leaned his head on his knees and covered his head with his arms.  He sobbed a little as Brian rubbed his back.


“If he needs to go,” Brian told him.  He glanced over at Justin who was talking to Mel, wondering what that was about.  He made a mental note to ask Justin, but kept his focus on the task at hand.  “Let him go.”


Michael sat up and wiped away his tears.  He leaned up against Brian again and took comfort knowing that, even though there had been distance between them lately, Brian was there when he needed him most.  It seemed ridiculous that he had ever thought otherwise.  Brian had always been there when he needed him.


“Anyway,” Brian sighed.  “I hear that Jimmy thinks you’re hot.  Although, I’ve always questioned his taste in boyfriends.”


“How do you know about Jimmy?”


“Fucked him a few years back on this trip I had to Los Angeles,” Brian replied, which only made Michael sigh.  “It was a one time thing, but we kept in touch.  He’s a good model.   I’ve even used him on occasion in some of my national ads.  The guy’s so fucking hot he could pitch a box of shit and increase sales.  I’d use him more if he wasn’t so expensive.”


“Why’d he be interested in me?”


“I haven’t the slightest clue,” Brian replied, taking out a cigarette.  “But he is.  When he found out that we knew each other, he called me up and grilled me about you.”

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