A new version of season3.


“He did?”


“I wouldn’t shit you about that,” Brian said, lighting up his cigarette.  “He’s a good guy.”


“He is?”


“Yeah, he is,” Brian chuckled, between puffs. 


“Look at him,” Michael said, “then look at me.  It doesn’t make any sense.”


“Nothing in this fucking world makes much sense, Mikey,” Brian retorted.  “All you can do is try and be happy.  I want you to be happy…just like me.”


Michael stared at Brian, and then glanced over at the door where he saw Justin standing outside, looking a bit cold.  He waved and smiled when Justin waved back.  Michael hugged Brian then stood up.


“It’s pretty cold out,” Michael said, smiling.  “We should probably get back inside.”




With all the fury of a broken heart, Ted stormed over to Melanie who seemed intent on something herself.  He tugged on her arm to turn her around and spilled some of the margarita she held.  After a quick apology, Ted began his rant, none of which made any sense to Mel, who had plenty on her mind.


“Ted, hold on,” Mel said, looking around for a napkin.  “If you want me to understand you in my slightly inebriated haze, I suggest speaking slowly.”


“I want him off!  I demand you take him off first thing tomorrow morning!”


“You want who off what?”  Mel asked, dabbing where her drink had spilled.  “And you demand what be taken off first thing in the morning?  And mind you, I doubt I’ll be doing anything but suffering from a hangover tomorrow morning.”


“Brian,” Ted snapped.  “I want him taken off as my executor and I want you to do it as soon as possible!”


“Fine,” Mel sighed.  “I’ll do it first thing Monday morning.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get into an argument right now.  We can talk later, alright?”


Melanie waited for Ted’s agreement then walked over to a door and opened it.  As soon as she entered the room, Lindsay and Dani stopped arguing.  Without facing her partner, Melanie approached Dani and asked her to inform Brian of Ted’s demand. 

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