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Mel sat down in a chair across from Lindsay and sipped her wine. She drank slowly until she finished her glass, watching Lindsay wiggle in her seat.  Mel refilled her glass and calmly set the bottle she had brought with her on the floor.


“You can’t have it both ways,” Mel said softly.  “You do know that, don’t you?”


“I’m not sure what you mean,” Lindsay replied, nervously.  She looked longingly into her partner’s eyes a little afraid, though she, unconvincingly, tried to hide it.  “I finally listened to you.  I told Brian that maybe he shouldn’t see Gus anymore.  Maybe I should have listened to you years ago, but I finally did it.”


Lindsay smiled, hoping that Mel would return the gesture, but when her partner didn’t, her smile faded.




“Brian is Gus’ father,” Mel stated coldly.  “Gus is old enough to know that.  You know that.  In fact, you were the one who reminded me of that when I suggested it.”


“I know, but he’s still young,” Lindsay reasoned. Not able to sit next to her lover, she knelt on the floor by Mel’s feet.  “He’ll be upset, but he’ll get over it.  In the end, we’ll be protecting Gus…”


“From what?”  Mel asked, tears beginning to flow.  “From a father who’s finally getting his act together?  From his Ju Ju, who isn’t just his favorite babysitter, but is like a father to him?  Is that what you want to do?”


“I thought that’s what you wanted to do,” Lindsay gasped, trying to hold Mel’s hand.  “To protect Gus.”


“From a father who put himself before anyone and anything else,” Mel clarified.  “But even then I was wrong, suggesting it in the first place.  I was pissed at Brian and wanted to hurt him the only way I knew how…through Gus.  And that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.”

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