A new version of season3.


Debbie stood in shock as Carl slammed Ramon’s face to the floor and set his knee on the angry man’s back.  Seeing that the situation was finally under some control, she glanced over at Michael and saw that he was just as stunned.


“Oh mmy Gggoddd,” Michael finally stuttered out.  He stared at Ty’s bloodied face and couldn’t help but touch his own.  He had always talked about ‘kicking Ty’s ass’, but never imagined actually doing it.  Seeing the blond on the floor crying he moved towards Ty, only to have his mother stop him.


“You see about Emmett,” Deb said.  “I’ll take care of Ty.”


Debbie knew the friction between her son and Ty and didn’t want the beaten young man to feel any worse than he already was.  Michael only wanted to help, but young gay men were her specialty.   She saw that Blake and a couple of the other women were already helping Ty.   Deb relieved the two other women and took Ty into the living room.


“The rest of my stuff’s in boxes,” Dani said, handing Deb a first aid kit.  She looked at Ty’s face and fought back tears.  Just looking at the blond made her want to cry, seeing one of his eyes already so swollen that she was sure he couldn’t see out of it. “Carl’s made a call to his people and they’re on their way.”


“No, no, no, no,” Ty repeated, crying.  “You can’t send him to jail!  When he gets out, it’s going to be worse!  He knows where I live now!”


“Don’t worry about a thing, kiddo” Dani assured him.  “I’m sure Carl and his guys will make it perfectly clear to that asshole that he crossed the line…and when he sees that I’m the DA he’s going to have to deal with, he’ll think twice before ever coming near you again.”


“Why do I do this to myself?”  Ty cried as Blake wiped blood from his cheek.

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