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Brian sighed and rolled his eyes. 


“He was just a shell,” Brian explained.  Though talking things out wasn’t his style, Brian knew Justin was right.  His every instinct told him that if he didn’t open up to Justin, that they might slip into their old ways, which would prove disastrous for their relationship. That was unacceptable.   “Something to hold onto…while you were…away.”


Justin looked away from his lover, feeling like a complete ass for making such a big deal out of it.  Only, the more he thought about it, the more it didn’t make any sense to him.  There was clearly something missing and he didn’t know what it was.  There was a fear inside of him that thought that, maybe Brian actually had feelings for Ty.  The mere idea scared him more than anything. 


“Alright,” Justin replied, facing Brian as best he could.  “I guess I can understand, but…” 


Justin watched Brian’s face twitch and knew that he might be pushing further than he should at this point in their relationship.  He had to remember they were taking baby steps together and sharing, for Brian, always seemed like a huge leap.  However, Justin’s instincts were telling him to say what he had to say, ask what he had to ask.  Although it might get on Brian’s nerves, at least his lover would know what was on Justin’s mind.  And if he was completely open, maybe Brian would feel more comfortable being so as well.


“I know that we might look sorta similar…to the untrained eye,” Justin began, “but…we’re nothing alike. Ty and I are like day and night…”


“I know, Sunshine,” Brian said softly.  He looked up at the loft and leaned back in his seat.  “Do you know how Ty came to stay with me?”


“Yeah,” Justin replied, recalling Ty’s enjoyment in relating the story of Brian saving his life.  “His boyfriend was beating him up in some alley and you whisked in like Rage and saved the day.  So?”

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