A new version of season3.


“He’s in love with Justin,” Dani finished. 




“You do know Brook isn’t even close to that, right?”  Dani asked, taking Ty’s hand in her own. 


“I can handle him fucking other guys,” Ty replied.  “He’s like Brian, only not ready yet.  The one bonus is that he’s not afraid to say ‘I love you’, even though it’s probably just a pile of shit.  It’s nice to hear sometimes.”


“Ty, you deserve-”


“Don’t tell me what I deserve,” Ty interrupted, not able to suppress his tears.  He faced Dani and made sure she understood what he meant.  “I know what I deserve…and it’s not Ramon.  Brook, Brook is better than Ramon. He’s way, way better than Ramon.”


“I agree,” Dani replied, patting Ty’s hand.  She knew that Ty was probably better off trying to live without a man, but she also knew how needy the young man was.  She wasn’t sure if he was ready to live on his own, so she tried to ease his worries. “I agree.”


“You agree about what?”  Brook asked, strolling into the kitchen and taking a seat next to Ty. 


“That Ty should stay here for a while,” Dani answered, smiling when she saw the surprised look on Ty’s face.  “But only until he heals.”


“Sounds good,” Brook replied, taking Ty’s cup and sipping from it.  “Needs more sugar.”


“You want me to stay here with you?”  Ty wondered aloud, very much in disbelief. 


“Sure, Blondie,” Brook chuckled, softly touching Ty’s face.  “I play doctor real well.”


“Really?”  Ty cried.


“He’s crying,” Brook stated, taking Ty in his arms.  He held his new lover in his arms and looked at his wife.  “He’s crying…”


“I thought you wouldn’t want me,” Ty mumbled.  “Dani thought…”

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