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“Michael, you’re crying into you’re your cereal,” Em said, feeling his stomach rumble.


He sat down next to Michael and held his roommate in his arms, crying with him.  Although he didn’t know exactly what had transpired that morning, he could guess it had to do with Ben and he sympathized.  Not that Ben was anything like Brook, but Em supposed it didn’t matter.  A broken heart feels just as bad no matter who was the one who gave it to you. 


“Let it all out,” Em told him.  “You just cry until you can’t anymore.  I know I am.”


“I told him I couldn’t see him anymore,” Michael cried.  “He wanted to spend more time with me, but I told him I couldn’t. It’s too hard.  I love him so much and he’s just leaving me.  It doesn’t make any sense because he says he loves me too.”


“Maybe this is just a test,” Em suggested.  “Maybe he’ll be gone for a couple of months and figure out he has to come back just to be with you.  And when he comes back, you two can just pick up right where you left off.”


“That’s what he said,” Michael replied, as he wiped his tears away.  “But, I can’t just sit around waiting for him to come back.  Not that I’m expecting to find anyone or that I expect to fall in love or anything, but…”


“There are other fish in the sea,” Em agreed.  “Like snapper, catfish and a hot little number named Jimmy.”


“That’s what Brian said.”


“Something’s wrong in the world when I’m agreeing with Brian,” Em sighed.


“What’s wrong with me?”  Michael asked, feeling his tears about to return.


“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about myself,” Em told him.  “I’m the one who was dating a guy ten times worse than  Brian ever was.  And before you say ‘I told you so”, I want to remind you that I ignored just about everyone when it came to Brook…Dani, Justin and even Brian.”

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