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“We should get more shoes,” Brian said, carrying several bags of clothes along with the purchases he’d just made.  “I know this place where they sell imported-”


Brian stopped and watched Justin staring at Gus.  Although Brian saw that Justin was looking right at Gus, he knew that his mind was elsewhere.  He dropped his bags on the floor and knelt down so that he could talk to Justin face to face. 


“Justin,” Brian said softly.  “What the matter?”


Snapped out of his haze, Justin stood up and replied, “Nothing.”




“Can we at least walk to another store?”  Justin asked.


Brian’s only reply was to pick up the bags.  He walked beside his lover as Justin pushed the stroller.  Brian wasn’t exactly sure what was on Justin’s mind, but he had a feeling that it had to do with Lindsay and Melanie.  Brian had been thinking about it all morning himself, only he had done so without letting Justin know.  He’d wanted to spend a nice day with Justin and his son without thinking it could be one of his last. 


“I just hope that Mel can…” Justin began, not wanting to say it out loud, but knowing he should.  “Slap some sense into Linds.”


“I know,” Brian replied with a sigh.  “But don’t worry about it.  Remember Dani said she would help if it comes to that.  But I have a feeling it won’t.  Mel will make sure of that.  We’ll get our time with Gus.”


Justin nodded, wishing they hadn’t bought so much, the bags between them making it hard to get close.  He wanted Brian to hold him, but he settled for a kiss instead.  They walked into another store and, immediately, Brian started sifting through shirts. 


“What about this one?”  Brian asked, holding up a shirt.  “It matches your eyes.”


“It’s a plain blue shirt,” Justin sighed.  “Don’t we have enough plain shirts?  Can’t we get something with a design or something?”

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