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“Shut the f-…shut up,” Ramon hissed, remembering there still was a child present.  He took Ty by the arm and squeezed roughly.  “Get me a drink-you know what I want.”


“Get it yourself!”




Ty winced as Ramon tightened his grip, and then conceded.  Rubbing his arm, he quietly headed for the bar.


“So…” Emmett said, forcing a smile.  “How’ve you been doing?”


“Still working on my demons,” Ramon admitted.  “But, things are getting better since I quit drinking.”


“I know how that is,” Blake replied.  “It’s one day at a time right?”


“Right,” Ramon agreed. 


Ty returned quickly and handed Ramon a beer. Ramon snatched it away and guzzled half of it down without a pause. 


“So,” Emmett asked sarcastically, “how’s that not drinking going?”


“This,” Ramon answered, “this is just a beer.”


“Of course,” Emmett replied, looking around the room.  “There’s Mel, I’d better take Gus to one of his Mommies.”


Ramon watched Emmett walk away, then finished off his beer with one quick chug.  He shoved the empty bottle into Ty’s hand then turned his attention to Blake.  Wordlessly, Ty left to fetch Ramon another drink.




“This isn’t your business!”  Lindsay informed Dani.


“Oh, yes it is,” Dani snapped back.  “You made it my business.  You’ve made your entire life my business and if you don’t give a shit about your son, then I guess I’ll have to make him my business too!”


Lindsay turned to walk away.  Flinging her glass to the floor, Dani grabbed Lindsay with both hands.  Tugging her, Dani turned Lindsay so they stood face to face.


“You know how much Brian gets on my nerves, but you know what?”  Dani asked, not allowing Lindsay time to answer.  “If you try to stop Brian or Justin from seeing Gus, I’m going to be Brian’s new lawyer!  You’re the boy’s mother for crying out loud, why don’t you look past your stupid jealousy to see what’s best for Gus …not you!”

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