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“No!”  Mel snapped, halting Lindsay once again.  “It was too weird.  At first you were so enthusiastic about Brian’s relationship with Justin.  Now I see that’s because you probably didn’t think Brian could ever fall for anyone, let alone some lovesick teenager. 


“Then you started to see that maybe Brian might be falling in love with Justin.  I never understood why you weren’t mad that Brian wasn’t at our wedding.  Then he once told me that he tried to give you his tickets to Miami as a present, but you told him to go and have fun.  You didn’t want him at our wedding.  In fact, it’s my guess that you wanted Brian to go to Miami so that he’d stay the same ole Brian.  Off whoring.  Loving no one but himself…and possible you and Gus.  Am I right?”


“We didn’t need the tickets,” Lindsay reasoned.


“And you say Michael is in denial,” Mel scoffed.  “But, see that’s not it, is it? You and I introduced Justin to Ethan, or have you forgotten that?”


“So, you’re in love with Brian too?” 


“Oh no,” Mel laughed, though there was nothing funny about the situation.  “I admit it.  I really could care less about Brian’s love life.  I did it for Justin, because Justin needed someone who loved him…”


“We’ve had this discussion!”  Lindsay answered.  “About how Brian gave Justin a hustler for his birthday and how Justin didn’t deserve that.  How he deserved better.”


“Oh yeah,” Mel agreed.  “But you’re supposed to be one of Brian’s best friends.  You…no, we encouraged Justin to see Ethan.  Me?  Brian expects shit like this from me, but you?  The last time I checked, a best friend doesn’t backstab their friends like that.


“I think the clincher was when you basically told Justin that Brian would never change.  I believed it too, but I was wrong.  I had no reason to have faith in him, but you supposedly did.  We encouraged Justin to meet other men.  Now that I look back at it I have to wonder what type of friends we really were.  Brian would have done better to keep Justin away from us altogether.”

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