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“In the bathroom cabinet,” Justin replied with a smile, “behind a box with a dildo in it.”


“That’s where that old thing ended up,” Brian answered.  “You can throw that nasty thing away too while you’re at it.”


“Throw away your dildo?”  Justin giggled.  “If it’s been up your ass, it should be bronzed and put up on our mantle.”


“Now that’s an idea,” Brian replied sarcastically, “if we dip it in gold or platinum.  And I’ll only agree to it if we start with your dick first.”


“Once hardly calls for it…and you wouldn’t do that since, after my ass, my dick is one of your favorite toys,” Justin teased, tossing the old panties in the trashcan. “Anyway, what would you do without my dick?” 


“Suck my thumb instead,” Brian said, taking Justin into his arms.  After a couple of kisses, Brian looked into Justin’s eyes and smiled.  “Toss the dildo.”


“I’ll toss the dildo,” Justin told him, knowing full well he was going to do it anyway.  “But only if you’ll make love to me right now.”


Brian response was to kiss Justin and unzip his pants.  Though they planned on making love in each room of their new home when they got there, they also couldn’t wait.  It seemed, however, they weren’t going to have a choice when someone knocked loudly on the front door.


“I’m glad we’re moving,” Brian complained as he strolled over to the door.  “I pay for all this security and yet everyone seems to be able to just drop on by whenever the fuck they feel like it.” 


Brian opened the door and rolled his eyes when he saw Brook.  Without a word, he strolled back into the loft, noting that Justin looked even less thrilled than he. 


“Sorry to interrupt,” Brook said, winking when he saw that Brian’s fly was still open.  He looked at Justin and smiled, seeing the obvious bulge in his pants.  “Hey there, hot stuff.”

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