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“Hey Brook,” Justin snickered.  He turned to Brian while straightening up his clothes.  “I’m going to finish packing the bathroom.”


“Why doesn’t he like me?”  Brook asked the second Justin left the room.


“Because you’re an asshole.”


You’re an asshole.”


“But I’m his asshole,” Brian clarified, “which is completely different from being someone else’s asshole…which you are.  You’re Ty’s asshole and since Justin doesn’t really like Ty either, you’re in a shitty position.”


“I don’t think he l liked me before I got with Ty,” Brook admitted, sitting on a cardboard box.  “Or even before you two became the couple of the year.”


“And the reason you’re here?”  Brian asked, obviously tiring of the conversation.


“Can’t I just come to visit my old friend?”  Brook replied.  Seeing that Brian wasn’t fooled, he sighed and continued, “I need your help with something…I need to rent the loft.”


“I’d help you out if I didn’t need to sell the loft,” Brian told him.  “Or if you could actually afford to pay me for it.”


“I can’t actually buy it,” Brook admitted, “but I can pay you rent…whatever it is you’re paying in mortgage.  I promise.”


“You’d have to do more than promise,” Brian sighed, “especially since you don’t have a job that I’m aware of.”


“I’m officially employed,” Brook said, holding his head high, “by Garthom, Williams and Wesley.  I started last week.”


“You have a steady job.  I’m very impressed,” Brian replied sarcastically.  “Now all you have to do is keep it for more than one month and I’ll think about it.”


“Come on Brian, I need this,” Brook pleaded.  “Dani won’t let me do shit and I need some space.”

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