A new version of season3.


“And what?  My new house is just going to pay for itself?”


“It’s not like you don’t have money,” Brook replied, sneaking up on Brian while he was packing.  Brook wrapped his arms around his old friend and whispered in his ear.  “For old time’s sake.  Please, Brian.”  Brook dropped to his knees, gripping onto Brian’s forearm so that their identical cowry bracelets touched.  “I’m begging now.  Please.”


“Eighteen hundred a month,” Brian sighed.  “And the month that you’re late is the month I’m kicking your ass out of here.”


“Thanks,” Brook exclaimed, as he hugged Brian, kissing his lips once then twice.  “Any other way I can repay you?”


“You can get the fuck out before Justin kills you,” Brian replied with a smile, though it was clear he wasn’t joking. 


“Aw come on,” Brook purred, trying to slip his hand in Brian’s pants only to have his friend stop him.  “I’ve seen you and Justin take home a trick or two from Babylon…why not me?”


“First and last months rent before you move in,” Brian replied, staring directly at Brook.  It was clear he had no intention of even discussion the subject.  “Or you can fuck off.”


“No problem,” Brook said, walking towards the door obviously disappointed.  “I’ll have it to you tomorrow.”


“You better,” Brian sighed, watching Brook leave and hearing Justin come out of the bathroom.  “How much of that did you hear?”


“Enough to question what the hell does Brook know how to do, besides fuck everything with a dick that moves?” Justin replied.  “And to wonder who the hell would be so stupid as to hire him.”


“He’s an architect,” Brian explained, “and a pretty good one.  He just has a bad habit of coming and going whenever he feels like it.  Doesn’t settle well with employers.  I guess Dani must have pulled some strings.”

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