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“If you don’t sell the loft, how are we going to pay for the new house?”  Justin asked, clearly worried.  When he saw that Brian wasn’t denying it, his stomach began to churn.  “I guess I can take back some of those clothes we bought…”


Justin went to the closet and took out some of the clothes he hadn’t yet worn.  As soon as he got them all together, Brian forced him to put them back into the closet. 


“We need the money.”


“Don’t worry about it,” Brian told him.  “I’ll take care of it.”


“I worry about it, Brian, I can’t help it.”


“A couple of new clients and we’re on easy street again,” Brian explained. 


Brian kissed Justin softly and sighed.  There was no denying it; he was worried about the strain his promise to Brook would place on their finances.  Brian was just going to have to make sure that he landed a few new clients.  His biggest obstacle was the recession and the fact that people just weren’t spending big money on ad campaigns. Brian would either have to make a whole lot of new clients or a few very expensive ones.  Either way, he had a very difficult task ahead of him.  However, he was Brian Kinney and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t accomplish.


“I’ll tell you the moment I’m worried,” Brian said.




“I promise.”




“Jesus,” Ted said, handing Melanie a cup of coffee.  “I didn’t know it got that bad.”


“It did,” Mel replied.  “It just makes me wonder how many other lies she’s been telling me and not ‘fessing up to.  It’s just so depressing.”


“Then we’re two peas in a pod,” Ted sighed.  “One very sad pea and one very pathetic pea.”


“Lindsay’s in control of our fate right now,” Mel admitted, pushing away her cup.  “All I can do is sit and wait for her to figure out if she’s a lesbian or not.  I mean, who would have figured?  You’d think after seven years she’d know.  I know.”

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