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“Well at least you got that right,” Ted said, smiling infectiously.  “It’s about time you stopped by.  I’ve missed having you around.”


“I’m glad you said that,” Justin replied, “cause I need your help.”




Brian grabbed an envelope and peeked inside to see a handful of photographs he had taken years ago.  Flipping through each picture, Brian remembered taking them when he was in college.  There was Lindsay, Brook and Dani and a few other friends that he thought he’d have for life, only for them to disappear soon after graduation.  He wanted to throw them away, but he knew that he might regret it later.  Not for himself, because he really didn’t care, but for Justin and Gus.  Both had always loved to look at older pictures of Brian and Brian loved to watch the looks on their faces…especially Justin’s.  Brian enjoyed telling Justin the lurid stories behind each picture and there always seemed to be at least one.


Brian placed the envelope inside the box with the rest of the miscellaneous items and taped the box shut.  Looking around the room he saw that finally, three days late, he was almost finished packing.  All that was left was his and Justin’s clothes.  Brian had never believed that he’d ever move from the loft, but tomorrow was the day and something inside him wanted it to be now.  That was surprising.  He wanted to move on with his life and see if he couldn’t make it better somehow.  Not that his life had been bad, but it had gotten stagnant and he didn’t know how much he had needed a change until he was forced to do it.  Now he had a child, a home and a partner.  Brian didn’t know when it was he became another ordinary man, but it didn’t matter.  He was still Brian Kinney at the end of the day.  Stud extraordinaire.


Brian smiled and picked up his schedule for the move.  Somehow, he was going to have to squeeze work along with moving. 

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