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“Brian,” Lindsay said from the open loft door.  “You left the door open.”


“Airing out the room,” Brian replied.  He glanced at the woman, who stood humbly.  “Where’s my son?”


“Debbie’s babysitting him,” Linds responded, smiling lightly.  “I thought we needed to talk and-”


“It wouldn’t be anything Gus needed to hear I guess,” Brian finished.  “So…you gonna try and take him away from me?  You here to lay down the law again?” 


“No, Bri, I came here to apologize,” Linds replied.  She walked up to Brian and tried to take his hand only for him to pull away from her.  “I’m so sorry and I promise never to use our son as a threat again.”


“I’m glad to hear that,” Brian sighed, though it was clear he didn’t necessarily believe her.  “I just wonder what the fuck that was all about.”


“I started to wonder what could have been…”


Brian looked away from Lindsay not knowing what exactly to say to her.  He knew she loved him and, at times, he relished it.  He always wanted to be the center of everyone’s attention and it seemed his neediness had come back to haunt him. 


“Everyone loves me.  Or didn’t you know that,” Brian replied slyly.  “Well…except for Mel and Em, and I’m convinced they’re aliens.  But I think you love me for the same reasons I love you and Mikey for that matter.”


“Which would be?”


“It’s safe,” Brian admitted.  He looked into Lindsay’s eyes and hoped she’d understand his bluntness.  “Not only am I not attracted to you, I don’t love you the same way I do Justin.  It’s not even close.”


The second Lindsay began to cry Brian felt badly, but he was still glad that he had said it.  It needed to be said and he only wished he had said it sooner.  It would have saved them both a lot of grief. 

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