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“You should call him,” Justin said, smiling brightly.  “He’s at home.  I’m sure he’d be ecstatic to hear from you.”


Ted sighed happily, and then went over to the phone.  Calling Blake was easy, especially knowing that in the end, Justin would be working for him. 


Mel saw the look on Ted’s face and immediately knew that her friend was walking on thin ice.  One mention of Justin’s love for Brian and Ted would be drowning in icy water.  The problem was that she didn’t know if saying anything to Ted would make a difference. 


“That was really great of you to do that,” Mel told Justin.  “That’s against Brian’s all powerful wishes.”


“Brian’s not going to mind this,” Justin clarified.  “We need the money and anyway, I’m not really planning on spending a whole lot of time with any pieces of ass he hires.  That’s why Blake’s there.  And if we’re lucky, maybe those two will reconnect.  Ted could use some personal attention.”


“Sounds like a good plan…”


“It’s a great plan,” Justin replied.  “Can you tell Ted goodbye?  I have to go home and tell Brian.”  Justin backed up towards the door and giggled.  “I’ll probably have to be a good boy and obey all of his sexual desires all night long…but, then again he knows I’d do it anyway.  If I’m lucky he might put me over his knee and spank me…”


“That’s so much more than I ever needed to know,” Mel gasped.  “Get outta here.”  


Mel shook her head and smiled.  She was happy that Brian and Justin were making a life together and she couldn’t help it.  Even if other people couldn’t see it, it was best for Gus.  Mel wasn’t so sure Lindsay saw that, but she was positive Ted would never see it that way.  It was the look in Ted’s eyes when he was looking at Justin.  There was no doubt in her mind that Brian probably knew, but she wasn’t so sure about Justin.  At some point, Ted had fallen for Justin and Mel knew nothing good was going to come of that.  Nothing.

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