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“We need the money,” Justin said.  “And I know you said you were taking care of it, but I want to do my part.”


Justin waited for Brian to say something.  When Brian said nothing, Justin’s head dropped and he struggled not to cry.


“I’d never, ever…cheat on you again,” Justin proclaimed.  He could hardly say the word ‘cheat’ without feeling like he was going to throw up.  “I don’t care how many asses or dicks get wiggled in my face.  I’ve always wanted you.  I’ve always loved you, you know that…”


“I know, I know,” Brian replied, trying to calm him.  “Shhh…”


“I’m sorry, I was being stupid,” Justin said.  “I’ll call up Ted and tell him I can’t.”


“Justin,” Brian sighed, getting his lover to look at him.  “I trust you.  I just wish you would have talked to me about this first.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be sorry,” Brian replied.  “It couldn’t hurt to have the extra cash.  I’m sure money isn’t going to be an issue, but if you want to work to help out…who the fuck am I to stop you?”


“You’re not mad?”


“No, I’m not mad,” Brian told him, a sly smile crossing his face.  “You know I’ll stand by any decision you make.  You’re a big boy.”


“Then why do you still give me spankings when I’m bad?”


“Cause I like to.”


“I love you, Brian.”


“Of course you do,” Brian laughed.  “Doesn’t everyone?  I thought there was a placard sitting in someone’s office: everyone must love Brian Kinney.”


“But I love you more than anyone else.”


Brian kissed Justin and thought, ‘I know you do’.  He took his young lover into his arms and squeezed tightly.  He was happy he didn’t have to proclaim his love to Justin, because finally Justin already knew without him having to say so.  Brian smiled.  There was also something else he knew.  Brian knew that not everyone loved him.  Of that he was sure.  Just ask Ted.

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