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“Like he isn’t going to be fucking the greater part of Liberty Avenue in no time flat,” Ted said disgusted.  “This is the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve heard from him yet, and I’ve heard it all.”


“Ted, he asked me to quit,” Justin replied, startled by Ted’s reaction.  “But it was my choice and if I had wanted to work there, he would have supported me.  The only problem with that is that I needed him to know that I wanted to work on our relationship as much as he did…he does.  And who Brian fucks, is his and my business.”


“You’re just going to let him treat you like shit?”


“He’s not treating me like shit,” Justin countered.  He was obviously confused by Ted’s reaction and hadn’t expected his friend to react so unkindly.  “I thought you’d be happy for me.”


“Happy for you?”  Ted laughed.  A laugh that chilled Justin.  “How can I be happy for you when you’re jumping back into a relationship with a guy who fucks everyone and doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself?  He can’t even admit that you’re in a relationship together.  He can’t even tell you he loves you.”


“He has,” Justin replied, smiling softly. 


In his heart, Justin believed that Ted only wanted what was best for him.  In fact, this was the conversation he had expected to get from his mother or Deb, but both women had supported him and Brian. More than he had ever expected.  Justin couldn’t help but smile.  To him, it just meant that Ted cared about him and it made him feel safe.  Justin had never really respected Ted until he got to know the man in those days when he and Brian weren’t even speaking. 


Justin went to either his mother or to Deb when he needed advice, but there were some things a woman just couldn’t help him with.  Not being able to turn to his father or Brian, he turned to Ted and Ted always obliged, giving an attentive ear and sage advice.

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