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In many ways, Justin valued Ted’s counsel more than he had Brian’s.  He didn’t have anything to prove to Ted, and Ted could never use sex as leverage in their relationship.  To Justin, it was the perfect relationship between friends and, to him, Ted was like the big brother he never had. 


“Brian yelled that he loved me in the middle of the street,” Justin enlightened Ted, not able to keep the smile from his face.  “Of course only Nicky and I were around, but that’s beside the point.  He loves me, and just to top it off, Brian’s selling the loft and we’re buying a house together.  And when I say together, I mean that both of our names are going to be on the deed.  In fact, we’re only going to living a few blocks from here. You should see the place…it’s as big as this place is, only more homey.”


Ted tried to hide his disappointment, but it wasn’t easy.  He could see that Justin was happy, but that wasn’t the point.  The point, to him, was that Brian was still Brian and that son of a bitch didn’t deserve to be with Justin. 


“You know what I was thinking?”  Justin asked, trying to get Ted to smile.  “I was thinking that since you still need someone to work on the site, you could get Blake to help you.  I mean, he’s really clean and you two did come together.  And you know what else?” 


Justin paused as Ted glanced up at him.  He grabbed the man’s arm and leaned against his shoulder with a sigh.


“I know he still loves you,” Justin continued.  “And I know how much you used to love him.  Ted, those feelings just don’t go away. I know you might be mad at him, but you can’t be mad at him forever.  I cheated on Brian and he found a way to forgive me…and we both know what a stubborn ass he can be.”

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