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Who Am I Now?

When I Was

Angel with The Demon Eyes Normal

Rogue looked out the window. She was tired and somewhat bored. She thought about the last time she had been to Louisiana, or had she? When she was a child it was easy for her mother and aunt to convince her it was all a dream, but she had so many doubts about that now.

Sleep was overtaking her again. Her mind drifted back to that boy and things that may have truly happened.

“Anna!” Remy shouted over the noise of the train. “Get ready to jump. Our stop is coming up.” Anna Marie had that frightened look on her face. “Don’ worry. It’ll be okay.”  

Anna Marie inched over to the opening of the boxcar. “On three?” she questioned.

“Yeah!” he shouted back. He slowly counted. When he got to three they both jumped giving a yelp as they hit the ground. Anna Marie rolled a few times before coming to a stop. She lay there still on the grass as Remy looked up from the ground. He crawled over to her, a worried look on his face. “Anna, you okay?” he asked.

Suddenly she turned over laughing. “That was fun. Let’s do it again.”

He looked annoyed but not angry as he started to tickle her. She laughed so hard she thought she was going to throw up. He soon stopped and helped her up to a sitting position.

“So, where we go now?” Anna Marie asked.

“’Nawlins,” he said. “Dat’s where I’m from. Mardi Gras startin’ soon.”

“Really? Only seen it on T.V.,” Anna said excitedly. “Never been to a real one.”

“Den, come on. It like one big ole party,” he said, taking her hand. They ran across the field together heading for the city.

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  • Laura Mcauley on Mar 5, 2012

    unique and charming. x

  • Brent Weaver on Mar 8, 2012

    Well done Allison – I have enjoyed each chapter. I can see your words in action.

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