This is a continence from Angel With The Demon Eyes.

She nodded in agreement. Remy sneaked out of the shadows and scanned the area waiting for an opening. A few people passed by. He sandwiched himself in between two people. There he saw it. There was a tall man passing by with his wallet hanging out partially from his pocket. This would be easy. He reached for it, but as soon as he touched it he felt someone grab his arm. He was caught.

Remy felt himself being pulled into the alley. The man he had just tried to steal from looked straight into his eyes. “Anyone ever tell you, boy, never steal from a t’ief?”

“You gonna call de cops?” he asked the man in a shaky voice.

The man laughed at him. “What your name, boy?”

“Remy,” he said still shaking. Anna Marie witnessed the whole thing from her hiding place behind the dumpster.

The man looked over seeing the little girl peeking out from the corners. “An’ who dis?”

“Oh, dat’s my sister, Anna Marie,” Remy said.

“Where your parents?” he asked.

“Don’ got none,” Remy said. “Me an’ Anna just got inta town tonight. Needed money for a place ta stay, so I…”

“T’ought you go t’ievin’, huh?” the man said. He shook his head.

Anna Marie was afraid of what the man might do and ran up behind Remy. “Please don’t hurt him. He didn’t mean no harm, really.”

He squatted down and saw the tears in the little girl’s eyes.

“No harm done,” he said. “You two come on home wid me. Give you a nice warm bed and plenty ta eat. What you say?”

They both nodded as the man led them out of the alley. He led them to a car two blocks down. He opened the back seat for them. Remy helped Anna Marie in first then got in himself. Within minutes Anna Marie was asleep.

Sometime later she woke up to find herself in a nice room lying in a warm soft bed. She wiped the sleep from her eyes. At first thinking that she was at home in her own room, but when she looked around at all the grand furniture and freshly painted walls of yellow and cream. Even the rose colored carpet looked brand new. She realized that this was not her room.

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    Well done Allison – I have enjoyed each chapter. I can see your words in action.

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