This is a continence from Angel With The Demon Eyes.

“Don’ need to,” Henri said, meeting her face to face. “Everybody know dat girls are sissies. Ya knock ‘em down an’ de cry. Ain’t dat right, Theo?”

“Sometimes, Henri, but remember when Julien beat on you. Ya moaned for weeks it hurt so bad,” Theo said with a smirk.

“Shut up!” Henri yelled at him. “Data ain’t de way it happened.”

“I was dere,” Theo said, contradicting him. “I saw de whole t’ing, so did Entienne and Emil.”

“Shut up!” he said louder, slamming the ball to the ground.

Anna Marie was laughing at the amusing story. She quickly picked up the ball and started dribbling it. “So, we gonna play or what?”

“I’m in,” Remy said.

“Me too,” Emil added. “I don’t mind playin’ wid a girl, ‘specially one as pretty as you.”

“Don’t be cute,” Anna Marie said. “Or ah’ll wipe the floor with ya.”

“Let’s just all shut up and play some dodge ball,” Theo said.

“She can’t play,” Henri chimed in, “not wid dat stupid t’ing around her neck. She gonna have ta take it off.”

“Ah will not,” Anna Marie fired at him. “Remy gave it to me as a present, won it from one of the game vendors in town.”

“Ohhh,” Henri said teasing. “Did ya now. I guess she Remy’s little girlfriend.” The rest of the boys made hollering sounds and cat calls, while Henri pantomimed by kissing the air. “Remy and Anna…” he started to say in a sing-song voice.

“Shut up!” Remy shouted at them. “Anna’s my sister.”

“Yeah, right,” Henri said. “Is dat the de lie you told pere. He don’ believe dat for a moment.”

“You’re right,” Anna Marie said. “He ain’t my brother, but ah can still beat ya at dodge ball.”

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    Well done Allison – I have enjoyed each chapter. I can see your words in action.

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