This is a continence from Angel With The Demon Eyes.

“I doubt dat,” Henri said, “but bring it on, petite fille. Let’s see what ya got.”

Anna Marie took her stance and threw the ball. Henri barely dodged it as he threw himself to the ground and rolled a few times, before getting back up again. She was not impressed by his antics.

The game continued with Anna Marie outing both Emil and Entienne, while Henri on an attempt to out her hit Theo instead. It was down to three and Anna Marie had the ball. It was either Remy or Henri. She threw the ball towards the two boys, Remy diving out of the way as Henri was hit.

“You’re out!” she shouted, pointing at Henri.

He gave her a nasty look as he walked over to sit in the losers’ circle, or a wooden picnic table in this case.

“So, it’s down to you and me, Anna,” Remy said. “Wanna call it a tie?”

“No way, Cajun boy. Give it your best shot.” On her command he threw the ball. Anna tried to get out of the way, but it hit her on the side of the leg. “Ah guess you win.”

“You okay?” Remy asked her. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, ah’m fine,” she said.

“Ha! Ha! You lost,” Henri teased while pointing at her.

She walked straight up to him. “Well, at least ah lasted longer than you did.”

“Wanna a rematch?” Henri asked, picking up the ball and twirling it with his finger.

“Give it a rest, Henri,” Theo said. “So what a girl kicked your butt. It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember that time Belladonna challenged you to a race across de swamp, and you fell in and…”

“SHUT UP!!!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. Anna Marie started laughing and soon all the boys, except for Henri that is was laughing too.

“Dat was a good game,” Theo looked over at Anna Marie and said.

Suddenly the boys saw Tante Maddie and Henri’s mother Marianne come through the kitchen door. “Ah hope ya boys worked up an appetite, ‘cause we got a nice big lunch for ya.”

The boys were more than willing to forfeit another game if it meant a feast would take its place. The boys followed Tante Maddie, and Anna Marie was about to join them when Marianne came up to her.

“Anna, I need you to come with me,” Marianne said.

“Okay,” she said. Then she had a worried look on her face. “Am ah in trouble?”

“Oh, no, dear,” Marianne said and took the little girl’s hand.

Marianne led her into the house and down a hallway to a pair of double doors. Once inside, Anna Marie looked up to see a woman. Excitement filled the little girl as she ran towards her.

“Momma!” she shouted excitedly as the woman embraced her. “Oh, Momma, ah thought ah’d never see you again.”

“It’s alright, Anna,” her mother said. “I’m going to take you home now.”

“Really? We gonin’ home?” she asked as if not believing her mother’s words.

“Of course, dear, Aunt Irene is waiting in the car,” her mother said. “We’re all going home together.”

“What about Remy? What will happen to him?” Anna Marie looked up at Marianne who was standing next to Jean-Luc, the man who had stumbled onto them the night before.

“Don’t worry about Remy,” Marianne said in a soft voice. “He’s going to stay here with us.”

“Then he’ll have a home too?” Anna Marie asked. Marianne nodded with a smile. “That’s good, ain’t it ,Momma?”

“Yes, dear,” her mother simply said.

“Then can we come and visit sometime?” Anna Marie asked in a hopeful voice.

“Maybe.” her mother said. “But for now we have to get going. We have a train to catch.”

“Okay, but can ah say goodbye to Remy first?” she asked. Her mother was silent at first. “Please, ah owe him for savin’ me from that bad man.”

“Sure, Anna, but hurry,” her mother said.

“The boys are in the dining room eating lunch,” Marianne said. “Don’t worry, I’ll take her.”

Marianne took Anna’s hand and led her into the dining room. When Remy spotted her his eyes lit up. “Come and sit next to me, Anna.”

She made her way over to Remy’s chair. “Sorry, Remy, but ah can’t.”

“Why?” he asked.

“My momma and Aunt Irene’s here t’take me home.”

“So, you’re leavin’?” he asked with a disappointed look on his face.

“Yeah, but ah’ll come back an’ visit. Ah promise.”

“I’ll miss you, Anna,” he said.

Suddenly Rogue was pulled out of her sleep. The bus had stopped. She wiped the sleep out of her eyes and saw the driver coming towards her. “This is the last stop, Miss.”

“Oh, ah’m sorry,” Rogue said, “must have fallen asleep.” She grabbed her bag and quickly made her way to the door. “Hello, New Orleans,” she said softly to no one but herself.

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