Jack and his girlfriend shared a driving experience that occurred in the blink of an eye.

Jack and his girlfriend were heading home, in a convertible. Night had fallen, as they sped along the countryside, when a semi-truck started to tailgate them.  They increased their speed to separate the distance between the convertible and the semi-truck, but it just kept coming.  As Jack turned his head to look back, the headlights were blinding and all he could see was the shiny chrome grill and bumper as its horn blared down on them.  Jack happened to see a road ahead and made a sharp left turn.  While the semi-truck zoomed by, disappearing out of sight

Turning severely made the convertible drive off the road, tipping on its side with the two left wheels on the ground and the other two in the air. Jack wrestled with the steering wheel and his girlfriend that had rolled on top of him, to keep the convertible form turning over as it kept moving. Completing the turn, the convertible came back down on all four wheels. Jack and his girlfriend shaken, thinking it had been a close call.  It all happened, “in the blink of an eye”.  Jack promised his girlfriend never to drive that stretch of road ever again. 

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