What would you do when your nightmares come true? This is the story of Cas and her friends and how the nightmare finally ended.

“Run!” William shouted as he dragged me along, the rest of the gang screaming and yelling behind us. Everything was just a blur to me; I didn’t understand what was happening. I just remember lying in bed then suddenly I was here being chased by a crazy dog like creature that I just couldn’t make out, with a group of people I had never seen before yet strangely felt I knew. The surrounding was as gloomy as the thunder storm raging on outside but the details were just as blur; it felt that we were running at the light of speed which was highly impossible yet my surroundings made no sense to me, all I saw were faded lines. Even so the growls of the creature seemed to grow closer every second. I turned to look back at the people behind me they looked tired, it was then that I felt like I was slowing down, cold sweat was dripping onto my onto my hand, taking a quick look at I realized that William was still holding onto my hand. I knew the time wasn’t right and that the boy, who I somehow just knew the name of, was just a stranger but still I blushed. I was glad that it was dark as no one could see it. A sudden flash of lightning struck at the beast and suddenly the creature chasing us transformed into a lighting beast, it still had a dog shape but it was emitting lighting and I could also see it’s laser teeth, that’s right laser teeth not razor teeth, it just seemed like lasers actually formed the teeth that could shoot anytime but what scared me the most was the fact that the creatures lighting eyes seemed to be staring at me and only me. We all stood stunned. I was afraid but I was also thankful for the light now I could see the faces of my companions properly but the one I was really interested to see was the face of the boy who had not let go of my hand since the start. In our moment of shock, the creature stroked, lighting stroked everywhere and struck my companions. It didn’t have to move at all, all it had to do was hit the target. I would have cried out but Williams hand covered my mouth and dragged me towards a corner, my heart was beating so hard, I was afraid he could hear it. He leaned close to my ears. “Cas, when I say go run as fast as you can, I’ll stop that creature somehow. Don’t look back and just keep going.”  I knew he wanted to protect me and to save his friends but I wasn’t listening to the rest after he had just called me using my nickname. As the lighting was still everywhere so he made sure to block me as much as possible. At that moment I took in every detail of him. He had wavy, short blond hair, sea-green eyes, and his skin was snow white. It was strange to see how different we both looked with my black long hair, brown eyes and brownish skin. “Go!” He gave me a hard push and ran straight towards the creature, carefully avoiding stepping on his friends that were lying on the floor. Why was this happening? What was that creature? So many questions were racing through my mind. How was I to comprehend it? I just tried to ignore it as I kept on running until the lightening no longer reached me. I stood there in there dark, hoping that they were alright, cursing myself for being so useless, and wishing that I wasn’t alone. Before I realized it, tears were falling.

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  • johnmariow on Aug 19, 2012

    Excellent story. Thanks for sharing.

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