Continued from a Sister’s Fate.

“Not without Eleanor,” she said. “I can’t just leave her here after…”

“Don’t worry, Jean. We’ll take care of her. You just concentrate on yourself for a while.”

“How can I do that? I just feel so guilty leaving her here.”

“Jean, don’t think that way. You’re always thinking of everyone else. You have a right to be a little selfish. I don’t want you to worry, okay?”

“Okay? But I want you to call and give updates.”

“Don’t worry. I will.”

“Hey, there you are?” Alvin said. He came up next to Brittany. “Look. I’m taking off. Simon called and we’re going to pick up Jeanette’s things and take them to the new apartment.”

“Are you sure to two can handle it?” Jeanette asked. “With Theodore out of picture…”

“We can handle it,” Alvin said. “Stop worrying.”

“Alvin, if she not going to listen to me when I tell her not the worry, what makes you think she’ll listen to you?”

“Good point,” he said. “See you later.” He gave her a quick kiss and left.

“I want to go see Eleanor,” Jeanette said. “She looked so weak last night. I can’t leave here, until I at least know that she’s doing better.”

“Okay,” Brittany said. “We’ll go together.”

Brittany helped her sister into the wheelchair and wheeled her down the hall to Eleanor’s room. When they came in they found her in a half sitting position. She seemed in good spirits with Theodore by her bedside.

“Hey, you two,” Brittany said. “Eleanor, you look so much better today.”

“I feel I little better, but that’s because of Theodore,” she said, looking adoringly at him and touched his hand.

“You scared us all to death,” Brittany said. “You know that, don’t you?”

“Sorry about that,” Eleanor said.

“Hey, that’s okay,” Jeanette said, wheeling up to her bedside. “We’re just so happy you’re going to be alright.”

“I hope so,” Eleanor said. “I’m just having a hard time moving my arm.”

Brittany looked worried, but tried to reassure her sister. “I’m sure every will be fine. You just need to rest right now.”

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    Nice work!

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    Ewww, getting scary! Keep them coming…

  • Juancav on Mar 23, 2010

    Nice read.,from A to Z.

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    A good write. Thank you :)

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    oh my goodness

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