Continued from a Sister’s Fate.

“I will,” Elanor said.

“Okay,” Brittany said. “I’m going to take Jeanette back to her room, and I’ll come back and check on you later.” She turned to Theodore and said, “You keep taking care of my baby sister, okay?”

“Of course I will,” Theodore said. Brittany and Jeanette left the room leaving Theodore and Eleanor alone. “You’re really brave, you know that?”

“Only because of you,” she said. “But it doesn’t mean I’m not scared.”

“I understand, but I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” Theodore said.

“Theodore, you have to stop blaming yourself. It’s not your fault,” Eleanor said. “There wasn’t anything you could have done.”

“I know you’re right, but I’m you’re boyfriend I should have been there to protect you. I hate seeing you like this.”

“I know, but I’m going to be fine,.I just don’t know if I…”

“If what?”

“I don’t if I could go back to the house. I get scared just thinking about it.”

“Then you don’t have to,” Theodore said, joining her on and bed and putting his arms around her.

“What do you mean? I can’t afford to live anywhere else, so what choice do I have.”

“You could stay with me,” he said and smiled at her.

She looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” He didn’t say anything, just gave her that certain look. “Are you saying…?”

“Let’s move in together. It makes sense. Simon moving out today, so we have room.”

“Theodore, I’d love to live with you, but what about Alvin? Don’t you think he’ll have something to say about it?”

“He won’t care, besides he always at Brittany’s anyway.”

“True, well, I’ll think about it if Alvin says it’s okay.”

“Then it’s settled,” he said, and kissed her. She closed her eyes and drifted off into sleep.


Later that afternoon Simon came back to the hospital. He and Alvin had worked non-stop that morning getting the apartment ready. When he walked into his girlfriend’s roon, he was happy to see that she was dressed. She had on her lavender sweater and blue jeans. She still had a little trouble walking and was attempting to stand when he came in. He rushed to her side to help her.

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    Nice work!

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    Ewww, getting scary! Keep them coming…

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    Nice read.,from A to Z.

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    A good write. Thank you :)

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    oh my goodness

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