This is part two of my Frank Iero fan fiction. I hope you like it!

Part 2
I was surprised to find the book at my door step. The only person who knew I wanted it was Rose, my boss, and she wouldn’t bother to drop it off this late. She would wait until I arrived later in the morning. I lifted the note from the cover. The writing was eerily familiar, but I couldn’t find a name. It was short but simple enough. “Meet me at Nick’s after work, please..” it read. I didn’t know how to react.. I was so confused, but eventually I fell asleep, exhausted from the thinking.

When I got to work Rose greeted me with a strange look. I couldn’t tell whether it was a bad or good look, so I decided to check it out. Slowly I approached her and her expression became more suspicious to me. “So, what’s with the look Rose?”
“Oh nothing, just that some guy came in some days ago and asked when your days off were and asked for your favourite book. When he came back last night and got your order I assumed you’d be curious!” At this point I had become frightened.. “Who was it?” I asked her.
“I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy darlin’.” I should have known. Rose never reveals anything to anyone unless they’ve said she could. But I trusted her, so I felt slightly safer going to the coffee shop this evening.

The day went by so slowly. Six o’ clock was gradually closing in. I was at a half mind on whether or not I still wanted to go through with this. At least we had no uniform here so I didn’t have to worry about rushing home to get changed and I had showered that morning so I was still pretty clean and fresh. At one point I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of someone. At first I thought it was Frank, but I convinced myself it wasn’t. Long ago I came to the conclusion that I would never see him again except for pictures of My Chemical Romance. So soon enough he floated out of my mind again and I returned to watching the clock tick by.

Eventually six o’ clock rolled around and Rose was practically pushing me out the door. Slowly I began making my way to Nick’s, but I stood outside for a few minutes unsure of whether or not I should go in. Finally I made up my mind and walked in. I was greeted by Nick himself who led me to a table near the back. On it was my own favourites, hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin. Across from me was a coffee and a sandwich but no person. That was until the seat infront of me moved and someone sat infront of me with a sad smile…

Liked it
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