Part four seems a bit short, sorry darlings, but I had terrible writers block! But enjoy anyway. I’ll try have part five up soon!

Part 4

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock. I felt Franks arm wrap tightly around me. Before I had fallen asleep he was on the opposite side of the bed as me. As I tried to free myself from his grasp his arms wrapped tighter around me. I heard him groan lightly and an idea came to mind. I grabbed a pillow and wriggled my way out from under his arms, pulling the pillow above my head, leaving it in my place. Turning, I giggled at the sight I saw before me. Frank cuddling the pillow and smiling in his sleep. I took my phone from the bedside locker and snapped a quick shot of him. Afterwards I grabbed some clothes and skipped quietly to my en-suit and showered. When I finished I glided out and got my bag ready for work, unaware that someone was watching my every move. Tiptoeing my way toward the door I heard my bed creak and just as I made it to the door I was once again trapped in his embrace. “Where you going?” He mumbled into my shoulder.
“I’m going to work Frankie, now if you don’t mind, could you let me go? I don’t wanna be late.” He sighed and let me go. I turned to hug him and kiss his cheek.

It wasn’t long after I had got to work that my phone began ringing. Rose didn’t mind us using our phones while working, just as long as our customers were taken care of first. Franks name was flashing across my screen so I answered, but not how he would expect. “City Mourge! You croak we poke!” I could tell he was amused as his laugh began booming from my speaker. Eventually though he collected himself and spoke. “Hey, um when’s your lunch break? I wanna make you something!” I didn’t know whether or not I should trust Frank to cook, especially in my apartment.
“Uh three o’ clock! Frank, why are you making me lunch? Please tell me it’s not a cooked food!”
“___ chill man! It doesn’t need cooking, and I just wanna make you something!”
“Well alright, but I gotta get back to work now, customers!”
“Okay, see ya later kiddo!” We were only a few days apart yet he always called me kiddo. But I always named him Frankie because it annoyed him, yet I was the only one allowed to name him that! Time flew by to lunch and I happily skipped home to see what Frank had made me. As I walked in the door I could smell his classic chocolate pancakes. I practically ran into the kitchen. There was a note by the food. “Sorry kiddo, had to run, emergency band meeting. See you tonight. P.S I took your spare key!”. The rest of the day went by as usual. I clambered into bed that night, soon after I felt his familiar grip take hold of me and heard him sigh happily.

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