This is part one of my fan fiction about Frank Iero. It’s the first fan fiction I have ever written so hopefully you all like it!

Part 1
He was my friend, my best friend to be exact. We grew up together in the state of New Jersy. We were practically brother and sister. Spent every waking moment together, we were inseperable. Until he got his big break. My best friend you see was in a band. I went to every practise and every show. The band in question? My Chemical Romance. My best friend, Frank Iero. His other band Pency Prep had only just split up when he joined My Chem, and I knew that as soon as their record was launched that I would lose all contact with him…

Just before their first tour I had fought with Frank. It was a petty fight over nothing, but it escalated to something far more serious. At first it was due to the fact that I couldn’t join him on the tour as I had no money to go. Then it turned to my darkest secret.. My love for him.. That was when he stormed out. He had the saddest face I had ever seen on him. I was left heartbroken.

After I got over the fact that my best friend had left, probably never to return to me, I got a job and an apartment of my own. I got a job in a small book shop in town. We didn’t see many customers but who we did see were pretty regular. We often held small shows for local bands and poets on Saturday nights to bring in more money and once a month we would display local art for sale. The money would be split between us and the artist. 

Apart from work I had this tendancy to isolate myself from the rest of the world. Occasionally I would leave the lonliness of my apartment and spend some time in Nick’s Coffee Shop just down the street from me. Other times I would be with family. That was pretty much the only human contact I had. In the apartment my time was spent reading, playing music or watching wrestling. That was my life for four years until one night around three a.m there was a light knocking on my front door. I awoke from my sleep and drowsily dragged myself to the door. I was greeted by a book I had been waiting for with an important message laying on top…

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