Fan fiction novella based on Strands of Starlight Series, by Gail Baudino. A story of redemption, help, healing and transformation.

Utilizes three tomes of Elvish for Elf characters and is written for a friend that passed from cancer in 2009
Maribeth (Mimi) "Mouse" Stewart (1956-2009).

The Dedication(s):

To: Gail Baudino, (and the Elves of Malvern): Thanks for the Inspiration to get me writing again, and your book’s help and healing, “Alanae ea yolisi, Elthia!”

This is also for Mimi “Mouse” Stewart, who needs a little bit of help and healing too.



             It fell steadily upon the city and suburbs of San Jose, a promise of the coming spring, but a cold, grudging one to be sure. The men repairing the roof on the Art Forum building located at De Anza College’s sprawling campus had given up shortly before eight. The business vendors who had set up in the main quad nearby admitting defeat only a little while later as they packed up their wares with numb fingers into their vehicles, trudging wearily into the nearby Student Campus Center, soaked and shivering on this Dark December day.

            Mimi “Mouse” Stewart made her way along the path in the middle of S-Quad of De Anza College. Wind now, the almost sleet stung her cheeks as she paused to wipe her face on her sleeve and pull up the hood of her parka a little tighter. Mimi had managed to arrive on De Anza’s campus this morning, her first day back, and somehow, with the rain, the cold, and the lack of people in the quads, she found herself cold, disoriented and thoroughly lost.  Sitting in her wheelchair under an overhang outside one of the many classrooms, she peered up through the drops, she found herself searching for landmarks. Robert, her fiancé, mentioned a lot of construction to the aging campus after her departure a few months ago, but somehow surely something seemed familiar to her.

            It was several minutes that passed before Mimi managed to determine where she was, through the sea of buildings, finding the familiar round roof of the Minolta Planetarium, and at last, her eyes fell upon the familiar path leading to the main campus in the center of the college.  Rolling forward through a sea of water and debris flowing down the narrow path, she took longer, bolder strides, pushing her wheelchair forward with much more confidence, quickly crossing a small path paralleling the library under the huge pine near the campus Library. She managed to smile as she approached the edge of the main quad, broad and familiar but did not see the piece of pavement that protruded from the ground, uprooted from the a large pine tree’s roots that caught the leg of her chair and sent her sprawling into the muck.

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