Fan fiction novella based on Strands of Starlight Series, by Gail Baudino. A story of redemption, help, healing and transformation.

Utilizes three tomes of Elvish for Elf characters and is written for a friend that passed from cancer in 2009
Maribeth (Mimi) "Mouse" Stewart (1956-2009).

           “We’d better stop Rijiin.” She said, and he nodded.

            “Aye, Amin mela lle, Natili, sii, nae ten’oio, Lle ra’ ikotane vanima nandaro,” He told her and nodded slightly. The young Elf Maiden was indeed beautiful, and he made every effort to tell her so.  Natil gasped, unprepared for his compliment, and felt the burn in her cheeks as she peered into his gray eyes. Suddenly, her eyes became wide with fear when she saw something surprising and unexpected there. A flicker of starlight and the ghostly images of their meeting in the future had been there, one that had happened in that other lifetime and time. The images had startled her and it would be of an event that she would never know; another time stream that would never come now, time itself having changed when he lay dying in a clearing in the forest one day. –

            “By our Lady!” gasped the Harper, surprised by the images. 

           The Harper stared at Rijiin as she blushed furiously, “Diola lle, Rijiini.”

            “Lle Creoso.” He said, smiling and nodding to her. She could see the laughter in his eyes, as they twinkled brightly with the familiar starlight.

            “Amin nyarea lle, Natili,” He said gently, “Amin sinta mani, lle cael elea. Lle quenea noldo nar sanda.”

            “Ta il’ deanam!” She gasped, “Amin uuma rangwa sina!”

            “Ta yassen ilya amin sai- bragol thailon ar erya.” He said, “Amin mela lle ar il auta lle.”  Natil peered into his eyes, smiling as he held her and both turning to watch the glorious sunset on the horizon. However, as Rijiin watched the sunset, holding the beautiful young Elf Maiden in his arms, the sight made him think of another place like this one. A place somewhere far away from here, one that will not be discovered for the next two hundred years or longer and even possibly five hundred years where a meeting would take place in a large city.  She saw the absent look on his face, an almost sad expression. 

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