Fan fiction novella based on Strands of Starlight Series, by Gail Baudino. A story of redemption, help, healing and transformation.

Utilizes three tomes of Elvish for Elf characters and is written for a friend that passed from cancer in 2009
Maribeth (Mimi) "Mouse" Stewart (1956-2009).

            “Peace, I healed you Mouse.” He told her, his voice thick with the inflection, “Let us say Mistress Stewart that you are well known here and now among my people. I am here to repay a debt to you. I did it because you are my friend and owe you something that will only partially repay your kindness and friendship.” A surprised expression appeared on the now young woman’s face. The Elf glanced to the group.

“It also goes for all of her friends too.” 

            “But I don’t know you Rijiin.” Mimi replied, and yet fell silent, looking again at the face that seemed so familiar to her, but so alien.

            “Yes you do Mousie.” The elf corrected, letting his existence flow over her and Mouse knew the truth of the whole matter, of who he was. Rijiin stared at the now extremely young woman who sat among them and her face changed by his healing. At this moment, only a few minor traces of her original facial features were visible. Becky could not believe her eyes. The face of Mimi she had known for a few years had gone, and now a young woman wearing the clothes Mouse had been wearing this morning now sat in the wheelchair. 

            “Who are you?” Robert snarled, “What the hell are you?”

            “They’re Elves!” Becky exclaimed, blurting it out as she touched Mouse’s shoulder. Robert shook his head, with a sarcastic expression and a look of anger in his eyes. He whirled on Rijiin.

            “What the hell is going on?” Robert shouted, “Who the hell are you people? And don’t give us that shit about being Elves, help and healing.”

             Becky frowned at Robert’s outburst but she started to understand what Rijiin had done. He had transformed Mimi, to save her the pain she had been feeling for many years, and help her as he could only do. He had given her unknowingly a new life as a new form, which in many cases was impossible. He had used something that did not exist in this century, with few exceptions of those who practiced the pagan magic with disastrous results.

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