Fan fiction novella based on Strands of Starlight Series, by Gail Baudino. A story of redemption, help, healing and transformation.

Utilizes three tomes of Elvish for Elf characters and is written for a friend that passed from cancer in 2009
Maribeth (Mimi) "Mouse" Stewart (1956-2009).

            “Thank you Lady.” Mimi said, “Blessings upon you.”

            “…and on to you Mimitti.” She replied and the plain faded. Becky and Mouse appeared together, hand in hand and Becky had tears in her eyes.

            “She is more beautiful than I ever realized.”

            “I don’t know who she is, but, she is the Elves, someone who they go to council and often. They should be so privileged.”

            “I know.”

            “Well here is another calling card that now really demands it.” Mimi commented, as she handed Becky the note, and the young woman examined it.

            “What kind of language is that?” Becky asked, but strangely, she too had the ability and no trouble to understand it. 

            “I don’t know… Elvish?” Mimi replied and Becky shrugged.

            “Whatever it is, it looks very elegant.” Becky observed, as she examined the note carefully.

            “I don’t know, but I wonder.” Mimi said, holding out white card from the back pocket of her backpack and examined it. Becky followed suit and looked at her card, as did Mimi. Times were changing for them and this card was their key.

            “We should go on Friday, Mouse,” Becky suggested, “ASAP. We really need to find out what’s going on and I have a suspicion this will show us what has happened today.”

            “That’s for sure.” grumbled Mouse, and here she turned her attention turned back to the fountain as did Becky. There were many questions and there was no way to understand them all. They needed to go there.  A few minutes later, they returned to the Fireside Lounge to pack up her books.

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