Beowulf lost his battle with the ferocious dragon. But now we know he’s in a better place.

This is an Obituary of the fictional Beowulf.

Beowulf’s Obituary

Beowulf lost his battle with the ferocious dragon. But now we know he’s in a better place.

Beowulf had achieved a lot in his life, he had defeated many monsters and ruled a gallant strong enough to rip a off that gruesome Grendel’s arm.

Beowulf was a great king. He was kind to the people and always tried to live in peace. His people loved him.

Beowulf’s Tale To Success.

Beowulf decided to visit the king of the Danes, Hrothgar. He was determined to kill the so-called monster “Grendel”. Grendel was a disgusting, ferocious monster that killed innocent people for merely joy. Beowulf finally was given the opportunity to battle Grendel. Grendel was totally immune to every type of metal or blade on Earth.

On the night of the battle, Grendel snuck in and started eating Beowulf’s men, one by one, killing them all. Beowulf awoke from his “sleep” and fought Grendel. Knowing that metal could not hurt him, Beowulf grabbed Grendel’s arm and strongly held its grip. He then ripped it off and forced Grendel to flee to his lair and he wrote his final words in his blood covered diary and bled to death.

Beowulf was awarded with riches by the Danes who were very grateful of his work.

Grendel’s mother, this monstrous sea-hag that gave birth to Grendel, wanting revenge attacked Beowulf. Beowulf grabbed her arm, but however he did not rip it off like he did to Grendel, he flung her to the ground. Grendel’s mother lunged back and grasped Beowulf in her clinches. She dropped him and attempted to stab him with a dagger but Beowulf’s chain-mail protected him. Beowulf saw an invincible sword and quickly grabbed it. With one mighty swing he lopped her head off killing the sea-hag.

Beowulf was now a hero. He was given great gifts and was the king of his own town 50 winters passed and Beowulf was still a great king. That was until a dragon was scaring the local residents.

Beowulf vowed to fight this dragon. Unfortunately, Beowulf did not survive that fight. He left this world as a hero.

May Beowulf rest in peace.

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