Horror Fiction.

“Well given the chance, id do it again” She as we sat reading our tickets.  “Oh you would?” I sarcastically replied.  “Just tell me exactly why you’d want to repeat it?” She laughed. “Eh, i don’t know, something in the feeling, guess no one would really know” The announcer called out “Train to Pittsburgh now boarding” Standing up i placed my ticket back into my coat pocket. “Well, are you ready to go then?” “Of course, just help me with my bags if you could” Ten minutes later I’m on a train with a women i don’t know, headed for a city Ive never been to, nor known anyone in. Exactly why i haven’t the faintest. Trees look surprisingly cartoonish when you look at them speeding by at 90 miles an hour. Something out of The Chocolate Factory. For a minute i was ready for Gene Wilder to describe, in riddle, my exact intentions. A waitress woke me from my trance like stare out of the train windows. “Sir would you like some refreshments? We have a vast variety of drinks and foods.” “Um…yeah” I replied “Can i get a glass of scotch on the rocks please?” “Of course sir, and what about for your lady friend.” Id entirely forgot she was on the train. She sat digging through her purse pulling out odds and ends, examining them and putting them back. “Well, this isn’t 1960, why don’t you ask the lady what she’d like, its not as if im some male dominant goon or something” I shot at her with a somewhat snotty tone.  She gave me a look that said “I have three children at home and i really don’t need any more issues”, and walked over to the women and quietly said somethings to her. Im fairly certain that they did not talk about the menu, nor did she order anything, for a quick glance and a smile were directed at me, and the waitress left. We sat in silence for another fifteen minutes. Most of the silence was taken with me staring out of the train windows, marveling at the beauty of the landscapes. Every tunnel we passed through seemed to change the way the landscapes looked. As if fifteen different painters all painted the same scene, yet portrayed with the different unchangeable innate styles.

    Several more minutes passed and she began to speak, only to be cut off by a loud thunk emanating from the roof of the train. We returned to the silence and i returned to the window, hearing smaller thuds as time went by. They seemed to be making their way to the front of the train. I figured it was just children tossing rocks at the train as we passed them, or branches falling from trees. Either way i stared out the window and didn’t pay much attention to the sounds. Finally the waitress brought me my scotch, which i eagerly downed as i paid her. We entered a long tunnel. No more beautiful landscapes to captivate the mind, no more serene beauty to bring hope to the soul. I looked around the train cart. The women i entered with still sat picking threw her purse. There were several others equally indulged in books or newspapers or briefcases. No one worthwhile starting a conversation with, so i slowly stood and made my way towards the bathroom. Upon entering i noticed the filthy toilet and decided id much rather not touch it. I stood in silence and stared at myself in the mirror for a minute, splashed water on my face, and opened the door to step out.

    I made it all the way back to the booth before i realized, all the people on the train had disappeared, rather odd considering you can’t get off a moving train. I searched around the booth. No one. Moved into the next cart, still no one. My knees started to tremble and i suddenly felt nervous. “How in the hell is this possible?” I whispered to myself. Three more carts, no people, and i could barely walk. Slowly making my way to the front of the train, i put two and two together, and didn’t necessarily get four.  If there was no one else on the train, why would the driver still be on? I started to panic, sped up and dashed to the front of the train. Opening the control booth door i saw that no one was operating the train anymore. I pulled the emergency brake and held on as the train speedily came to a halt. “What in Gods name have i gotten myself into? Run away trains and disappearing people? This cannot be, in anyway, happening.

    Still in a state of panic i ran full peed towards the train exits. Still entirely dark outside of the train, i stepped out onto the step. The doors closed with a sudden ferocity. I forced myself to press my feet into the darkness. And that was it, a sudden falling sensation, and then nothing. No feeling, no pain, no laughter, no more serene landscapes. Just falling. The pit of my stomach shot into my throat and my legs filled with the sudden felling of nervousness. Exactly what was happening, i had no clue, i heard a thud, so familiar, yet so foreign. Then a hand on the shoulder, and again was back in my booth. As if id awoken from some kind of dream, barely grasping on to what had happened, i looked at the waitress that had tapped me and said, “Can i get a scotch on the rocks please?”

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