Colombiana Fan Fiction.

Being an artist is executing work! Those who truly love their craft understand that countless hours go into your work. It’s not unusual for me to return to my quiet, normally undisturbed condo in the wee hours of the morning. As I’m walking home many thoughts run through my mind and I battle to organize them in order just to keep my what little sanity I may have left. As I slowly approach my home I suddenly begin to feel as if something just is not as it should be. Abruptly all my thoughts cease to exist for a mere moment as I ponder my next move. Certainly I am only over thinking the situation so I shrug it off and head upstairs to my place.

My racing thoughts diminish what is left of my doubts about the security of my home. As I enter the darkness suffocates me. My fingers franticly search for the light switch so I can engulf the room with light. I flip the switch and nothing happens. Certainly I remembered to pay the electricity this month. Again and again I move the switch with no results. Immediately annoyed I begin moving about the darkness waiting for my eyes to adjust. Before they have the opportunity to do so I hear the words, “Don’t move!”. Arms lock around my torso, the soft touch of teeth sink into my back. Before I know its her I smell her. She smells of freshly picked lilies, a smell so faint that only someone who has been drawn as close to her as I have can notice it.

I feel my heart go from sudden panic and arrest to complete comfort and happiness. There is no longer a need for lights, I allow myself to unravel in her arms. No more racing thoughts, no more stress, just her and I in the moment. I hear her, “I’ve missed you Tay.” Her voice cuts through the darkness with ease like a sharpened knife cutting ones flesh. Before I know it I’ve turned and lifted her from the ground. “Jennifer….,” before I can finish her lips have connected with mine with so much intensity it feels as if the Earth has begun to spin uncontrollably. For what seems like forever, we enjoy each others embrace. And then I ask her for the one thing I’ve so desperate for, “ Are we ever going to go on a normal real date?” Her voice like music to my ears responds, “What’s a real date?” I tell her how I just want dinner and a movie but somehow she forces me to skip straight to the dessert.

We immediately begin to indulge in each other. My hands caressing her curves makes me forget all about the idea. She has once again conquered me. We stumble to my bed where I immediately begin undressing her. The touch of her skin, the taste of her breast as I bite on nipples, her soft moans, her elegant kisses. When I come to it is morning and I roll over and it hits me that she has already gone. Once again I lay there not knowing when I will see her again, if I will ever get to see her again. I have returned to my true reality, back to the real world where it is just my apartment, the art, and I.

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