Ongoing fan fiction involving G Dragon of Big Bang and Dara of 2NE1.
Love for the dorky couple aka to shipping fans as Daragon.

GD nodded. “I’m sorry. But once I think of him kissing you I can’t think straight. I’m sorry baby.” He pressed on her hands.

“He’s very cute and really cool, actually, but it’s all just work. K? Trust me on that.”

“He’s not taking advantage of you, right?”

“He’s a real gentleman. If I weren’t so in love with you I would have totally fallen for him.” She teased, pinching GD on the cheek.

“Are you done filming?”

“No, tomorrow’s our last.”

“I’d like to see it.”

“You can’t.” She answered right away.

“But I thought u want me to support you.” GD traced his fingers along Dara’s face.

“You’re cute, but that’s not what I meant.” She winked, made cute expressions as GD ran his fingers on her face.

“No, baby, you’re cute.”

“No, Blondie, you’re cute.”

“No, I’m sexy and handsome.”

“Hahaha! Whatever. I better go now.”

“Wait, where’s your cellphone?” he asked.

Dara took it out of her pocket. “Why?”

GD took it from her, positioned the camera and did the peace sign, flashing his boyish smile.


He tinkered on it for a good 3 minutes then handed the phone to her.

Dara saw that her wallpaper was now changed to GD’s just-taken selca.

“Haha. Blondie, between us, you really are the cute cute cute one.”

GD only grinned. “So that everybody knows you’re mine.”

Dara wanted to say that they only needed to know they are each other’s other but she decided not to argue – it’s all good, after all.

They kissed for the last time before she descended to their floor.

It’s all good, Dara told herself. She’s calmed now and relieved. He’ll never know the real reason why she suddenly appeared unannounced on his doorstep. He’ll never know that it was someone else she’d thought of why she boldly kissed him; someone else’s lips – lips that were subtly licked while singing – and someone else’s eyes – eyes both piercing and kind that drew her in until reason knocks enough sense on her to withdraw and stop the madness they’re causing her.

But the moment they kissed, it was all GD and her. It was he she sought for, and it was he she wanted to give her love to. It was their kiss and it felt like heaven. It was GD’s touch, GD’s warmth, and GD’s comfort, all soothing her and telling her that it was alright, she need not feel guilty. Nothing but a little pea underneath the mattresses one need not lose sleep over. And that’s the end of it, she thought. Kwon Jiyong love Sandara Park. Sandara Park love Kwon Jiyong.

So that everybody knows your mine.

GD’s words come back to her.

Oh no, I need to change my phone’s wallpaper.

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  • random on Oct 28, 2009

    Where’s Chapter 14?

  • scab on Oct 29, 2009

    he he….2 chapters were worth the wait…

  • scab on Oct 29, 2009

    he he…i can already imagine the next chap…GD getting jealous of kiss cf…GD and Dara fighting and being distant…and then the ever comforting YB being there…he eh……heee…be waiting for your next chapters!!
    thank you! thank you! very much!

  • chaochao on Oct 31, 2009

    wooh. :) i had a great time reading the whole series… i wish the next one would be out very soon. :D take care

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