About a young boy and his fate.

“Father!” Joshua screamed as he watched his father burn before his very eyes. The young boy with blood red eyes, small build and white hair knew that it was his fault that his father was in agony but he could do nothing to help. He felt so helpless as he watched the flame slowly engulf the only relative he had,hearing the agonizing scream was all he too painful for him. Soon the screaming stopped and that was left was a pile of ashes. Joshua fell to his knees and cried, cursing his fate as his kidnappers dragged him away.

Joshua woke up in on a cold floor surrounded only by darkness, he knew where he was and why was still being kept alive. His kidnappers needed him and his powers to accomplish their goals. His father had tried to stop them and was  killed. “What good are my powers if i can’t even save my father” He cried in frustration as he knocked his head on the wall. The thought of escaping never occurred to him as he wallowed in self despair.

After what felt like hours, the darkness began to fade as the room began to light up. Joshua knew that the ritual to destroy the world was beginning and he would be the cause of it. Pain ran through every vein of his body that he could hardly breath. He felt his strength fading little by little, it was as if the light was zapping his power. His screams fell to dead ears as the pain only increased with each passing second. 

“I’m sorry father, I couldn’t keep my promise.” He saw before him a scene of when he was just a baby , his father was holding him in his arms looking at him with sad eyes. It was almost as if he knew the pain Joshua would have to go through and he was afraid for him.

“Son, one day you might find yourself in danger. When that day comes, i might not be able to help you.” He cradled the baby closer to him. “Remember this my son, your powers are what you believe they are. Use them wisely, do not let the darkness take control, the powers is yours and yours alone, do not let anyone or anything control it.” The baby stared at him as if it understood the seriousness of what he was being told. “Promise me when that day comes, you will protect the world that we live in.” The baby lifted his hand to promise.

Joshua saw the days when he actively used his powers, he was always exploding the house and destroying things. Soon he stopped using them as he believed they were destructive and he did not want to hurt anyone. “Son, remember the advice.” his father would always say but the young boy did not know what he meant, he only knew that his being alive was a sin.

The memories that flooded back in a rush was the push Joshua needed. 

“Father, I understand now. My powers were always destructive because I believed them to be. To save the world we love I must believe that my powers will destroy all evil.” The pain subsided and for the first time Joshua concentrated all his power till it grew unbearable. The power was like a loose cannon flying everywhere. He heard the screams from his kidnappers and also the power consuming light. Apparently the power that Joshua shot was too much for them.

As soon the screaming stopped, Joshua fell onto to the floor exhausted. The pain that had been suppressed resurfaced but he was happy, he knew he had kept his promise and saved the world. After three days rest, Joshua wandered back to his house. He was lucky that he had paid attention to his surroundings when he was kidnapped or he would never have his way back. Without his father, Joshua found himself lonely and isolated but he fought it and gained some respect.

Joshua soon grew up and got married. No one knew that he was hero and he didn’t care, he was just happy to be alive. He was still being treated differently but he was not alone anymore. His lovely wife and children would always be there for him.

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