Day 16 of the challenge; is it possible to live in love in this life?

Love is a feeling unexplained, when you know, you really know!

Love is a feeling UN-described…

Love is a mixed range of feelings…

Love is… Passion… unconditional… and confusing.

Ten favourite smells I love …

  1. The smell of Summer
  2. The smell of Petrol
  3. The smell of Winter (Smokey, cold air)
  4. The smell of fresh coffee on a bitter morning
  5. The smell of the Christmas Turkey cooking in the oven at 3am
  6. The smell of freshly made cookies
  7. The smell of my Mum’s homemade Tomato Soup
  8. The smell of a smokey bar (as it reminds me of holidays as a Kid)
  9. The smell of DKNY Perfume
  10. The smell of fresh tarmac on a warm day

Ten favourite people I love…

  1. My Mum
  2. My Dad
  3. My Four Sisters
  4. My Triond Fans :)
  5. My Teacher at College
  6. Ryan Reynolds <3
  7. Zooey Deschanel
  8. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins
  9. My Aunt Margie and Uncles John and Stewart
  10. Andrew Moss – Rhys from Hollyoaks.

Ten favourite films I love…

  1. Failure to Launch
  2. Twilight Saga
  3. Sex and the City | Movie
  4. Sex and the City | Movie 2
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. XXX – Vin Diesel
  7. The King’s Speech
  8. Amelie
  9. I love you, Man
  10. House Bunny

So this is just a few things I love about life. Although there are LOADS more like my favourite animals I love, my favourite shoes, make-up, food, drinks, tv programmes, cars …that I love.   Hope you liked it. Part of the 30day Challenge!

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