Every year I grow excited to see what wonderful surprise will come from my Aunt and Uncle at Christmas. They always choose the most thoughtful gifts and this year was no different.

As I removed the wrapping, I grew more and more excited. I felt like a child again, what could it be? When I opened the box I saw something I had been asking for, for years, a Chihuahua. It’s not a real dog of course, but a very convincing replication. I removed it from the box, and discovered that it was a Webkinz.

I had heard about these before, my Aunt received a chocolate lab as a gift and showed it to me. “Very cute,” I said, “Do they make any other dogs?” “Oh, of course, they make all kinds of animals!” was her reply. She showed me that this wasn’t your ordinary stuffed toy. You got to watch your pet come to life online. “With the tag on the pet comes a code,” my Aunt explained, “when you enter it into the website, you get a little room and some gifts and you can play games and stuff.”

I was very interested, as I watched my Aunt play some games. When I received one of my own for Christmas from them, I was excited to see everything that could be done in this land called Webkinz World.

My son fell in love with the plush toy and he loved it even more when I showed him the virtual version. He helped me feed the little dog and bathe it and he even tried to help play games. The more I was in Webkinz World; the more I realized that it is very much like the real world. It teaches children with these pets that you have to work to earn things. The virtual animals go to school to earn status and have to work at jobs to earn money. They can buy clothes, food, toys, games and furniture for their pet and its room. They can even buy more rooms for their pet, allowing the creature to have a bachelor suite or a mansion, depending on how much time they want to spend on it.

Once I discovered all the interesting things in Webkinz World, I looked a little deeper, discovering that the plush toys aren’t the only Webkinz things out there. They have an entire line of toys and accessories. From clothes for your pet, to figurines, school supplies, trading cards, bookmarks, charms and even body mist and lip gloss.

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