A mixture of joy and pain, I guess…………

No, this ain’t me.  Nothing this dramatic.  This is a current look of some haircuts.  Mine was more of a classic, everyday haircut!)

hairstyle à la Tence Mena (Photo credit: S@veOurSm:)e

I had my first haircut when I was 12 years old.  My sister was a  Licensed Beautician.  My bigger sisters all wore neat, pretty haircuts made possible by the Beautician,  but as a rule, the family didn’t let a girl get her hair cut until she was 14.  If you saw me, you’d understand why it was important for me to get my hair cut and why I became the exception in my home.

I was teased unmercifully in 7th Grade.  That had to be the worst year ever!  It all came from the boys.  The funny thing about it though was that it didn’t hurt me to the core like one would think.  I was simply tired of them picking on me.  If  truth be told, I simply wanted to say “alright already, find something else to do……this is so annoying!”  But I didn’t.  I was the perfect target.  I happened to be the type that wanted to do as our Mother had told us when we first entered school: don’t fight, do your work, listen to the teacher, don’t act up, be quite….a series of don’t dos and please do.  Today I beg to differ but I set forth the same rules for my son and my nieces.  It works.  But when you don’t get back with other Juveniles sometimes, you just may be the fool after all.  One day, a boy that sat next to me that I thought truly looked like a Martian continued to call me ugly,  that I had too much hair, was too skinny and blah, blah, blah.  I slammed by book closed when the Teacher walked out and I said “you know what Mr. R.  You are sooooo ugly, you actually look unrealIs that really a real face“  The class boomed with laughter, he was mortified with shame, probably hates me til this day, so I know I had the swerve available to get back.  But just maybe for a Big City girl and many like me, we simply had better breeding than to go back and forth and end up in trouble.

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