It’s September and I’m buying school supplies for my children. The years have flown by and now I buy school supplies for myself to remember.

This time of year always makes me nostalgic. School begins soon and the stores are full of supplies. I had to buy a box of Crayola crayons—no other brand will do, a black and white composition book, several wire bound note books (only 5¢ each at Wal Mart this year) and a bright blue binder. I love school supplies!

I remember all those early September days when we went to buy supplies, first when I was a child (no, we didn’t write on clay tablets) and then, for my own children. There wasn’t a Wal Mart to go to for the bargains. There was just a little store right next to the school and the owner, a lady named Rosalie, carried everything that was needed. The children had their lists and made sure they got the right stuff. It was easier then, the selections were few. If you needed a pencil, you bought a #2 Ticonderoga yellow one with a crisp Eraser on the end.

We put all their precious purchases in bags awaiting that magical first day. They were excited, and of course, I was excited too. I love the first day of School. (My friends said I seemed to love it way too much.) Since we lived right across the street, the Johnson kids didn’t have to wait for a bus. They went down to the corner where the patrol boy waited, and on to school. I would walk back into the house and let the silence wash over me. Had a cup of coffee with my next door neighbor before I began cleaning. Then I’d catch myself watching the clock for lunch time so I could hear all about their new teachers and their class.

Those were the days my friends. I thought they’d never end.  But end they did, and now I’m in the time of life where a new box of crayons makes me remember and smile. I miss my kids!

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, “To everything there is a season…” This is my season to remember and sooner than you think, it will be yours.

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