Arguments about nano-secondic American alternate dimension and why we are trapped in time.

First of all, Happy Easter. I hope you guys have had Good Friday. I would like to give my thanks to Federalist efforts to rescue Captain Phillips. Although I’ve controlled the overtake of the politics of Americas, I try not to be a dictator in American government. I give Obama administration the best efforts that they can get. Like patriotic Hunter S. Thompson, I guess I’m somewhat the Cursed Beast of Lono.

I didn’t realize the physics of “smart grid” technology back then before my so-called “car accident”. Thank god that I went only 40 mph, NOT 45 mph or I would’ve been killed. No bull. Here is the proof.

For some reason, I can’t find my facebook picture account of me being hospitalized, nor my computer! That’s when i pictured myself. blah. I smell the conspiracy behind socialism. Facebook no longer exhibit photos longer than 3 weeks, I think.. My left brain side was destroyed. Got hit by a spic driver with no driver license. He probably wasn’t even a citizen. This happened on Sept 27.

If that doesn’t convince you, I was drugging myself with pills with pain-killers. While my left side of brain exported bleeding to my left eye (or right? I don’t remember, but most likely left one- of that I am sure). That was when I was on my way to car scrapyard. That’s where i took photos (my left brain eventually swelled from the expansion across the side head). I have three extra photos for you.

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And so my political election journey began afterwards. Hail John McCain.

On the night of election, I was grilled. Obama was winning over McCain in Virginia, but I knew it was rigged anyway. I shaped the political battlegrounds after robbing money from google.

Yes, I punched the wall out of muscle anxiety at a so-called pizza restaurant owned by an Afghan “Muslim” from idiotic Canada. Didn’t feel a thing. I was totally pumped up by adrenaline and doing push-ups few days prior to the election day.

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