HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! – We are one year old this month. Sentences with hidden anagrams in there for entertaiment value WITH NO PRIZES OR REWARDS for entering etc. Find the missing words and the answers will be given later on this month if another mont’s anagrams are not to be prouced. I am not sure what is happening as yet. The answers to last months questions/sentences will be given first with the answer written in CAPITALS for easier identification and then this months anagrams in the second part will be given – answers later on.

Answers to Anagrams for all number eleven August 2012

(1) I CAME RAther close to going to the white house etc,……….ANSWER = AMERICA   (2) This counry’s interest in the bible IS REAL enough…..Answer = ISRAEL (3) in this LAND ICE is a real issue to contend with etc……..Answer = ICELAND  (4)  CAN ADA really travel to this country etc……….ANSWER = CANADA  (5)  will DEN MARK this country as a possible destination etc……ANSWER = DENMARK (6) aLAN HOLDs all the information about this flat land country…..ANSWER = HOLLAND  (7)  ……..result AS A TRIAL Under its’ laws can result in etc…..ANSWER = AUSTRALIA (8)  with NEW ZEAL AND determination a visit etc…..ANSWER= NEW ZEALAND (9) A DIN I made in this place got me barred from going etc…..ANSWER = INDIA (10)  a BAD ANGEL SHould always be etc…..ANSWER = BAGLADESH  (11) baby DAN’S COT Landed here instead of being delivered etc……ANSWER = SCOTLAND (12) FRANCEs cannot visit this place because of past mistakes etc…..ANSWER = FRANCE. 

All the answers had a geographical link around the world. Easy to spot the link this time eh kids (and adults)?

Anagrams for All number twelve (12) September 2012 

(1) at no time a d.c.i. who is a careless police officer will train in the basic detection of drugs or anything that is not perscribed  (2)  if the fish caught is bad let all the cod rot altogether before people become ill with it and need hospital treatment (3) the mats Ron sold to the hospital will not be suitable as they breach health and safety standards (4) this man will surge on with his work in the hospital now that he has finally qualified (5)  can I ship your medication directly to the hospital for you? (6) lust cannot prioritise over treatement for s.t.is or s.t.ds.when it comes to health (7) i list a special range of urgent equipment needed first before I buy anything else at all (8) as i go, sand still gets into everthing when I drive onto the beach and I have to find the cause of the problms to get fixed (9) I rate spooning around in a public place as a discusting form of behaviour (10) main traitors decide that they will sell out pour National Health system to any form of private enterprise if they could for large sums of money (11) if I formed unidentified material patterns into a new design I can make a new type of fashion statement (12) he treats heated rooms such as these as a priority for these sort of activities.

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