This is about a BB, who suffered lot in his later life..

Wondering who I am? I am a blackboard, nicknamed BB. When I was born I was clean and black. I was packed and sent to a school. From here my life changed. Previously, I used to believe that black was beauty but this thinking changed when I was hung on a wall of a classroom. I was put up in the classroom during the holidays so I did not know what to except after the school re-opened. But once it re-opened my life was never the same. Children scribbled on my clean face making my beautiful black, shade grey. Teachers poked me with pointed geometrical instruments and didn’t care if I was hurt or not. Students and teachers banged the duster on my beautiful black face and insulted me but I still kept my patience. There were a few exceptional students who looked after me. They often cleaned me and decorated me. Like this my life went on until one day the school closed. I was a bit happy that at least I would be saved from the wrath of the students for a few months but that happiness did not last as long as I was neglected. The bearers never cleaned me nor did they look after me. One morning, I woke up in a dark and dirty room. There were dust and insects all over the room. From that day the Sun’s ray never touched me and I lay forgotten in the darkness of that dingy room for the rest of my life.

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  • henry on May 11, 2010

    yes it was quiet bit good but it was not to good for the childrens those who to look for their compo or any thing else.

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