Here’s our journal of caretaking a remote island off the tip of Australia, very scary, just the two of us but what an adventure. Here’s our email exracts from the start.

Hello all our sweeties and how are we all this very very exciting week.

Well we do have BIG news this week, as you all know we had applied for a caretakers job on a very remote island. We had no idea where this island was located and what the job installed. We received our first phone call on Wednesday last week. He then told us a little bit about the job and said he was arriving back in Australia on Sunday and that he would catch up with us early in the week. At this stage we had found out from him that the island was called  and is located about 600 kl away heading north. Not to far from the cape and also new guinea. We hope most of you have looked this island up with the earth web address that mick has sent you. It looks amazing and we thought to our selves wow what an adventure this would be if we get the job.We then received our next phone call on Monday who was now in cairns and we made arrangements for him to come to port for a meeting the next day. He arrives at my work with mick and we chatted away with him for about 1 hour. In the first 10 Min’s he told us we had the job and started to tell us about his island and what our jobs would entail  all sounded really good until he put the wind up me a bit when I asked him how many other staff would be there, only to be told that mick and me would be there by ourselves. LORDY LORDYWhat can I say ,we are very very excited, very apprehensive about the whole thing. We have now left our jobs and we have been out nearly every night this week with friends and last night Micks work put on a beautiful BBQ at the Mandalay for us. We feel a little bit naughty as we have not told them what we are doing .They think we are heading back to Melbourne, we will email them in the next week to let them now.

The island is very remote, and has a land line phone and Internet available on there. I know I will be talking every night to you all. Im not sure how we will get on together been only 2 of us for 8 weeks, we will be a bit ferol when we get off I do no that. We have all our food accommodation which we can stay anywhere on the island, as its all ours he said. We have  alcohol also in the deal as well although I do have to be careful which bottle of red I open as some are very expensive. His sister in law is on the island at the moment and she is by herself , I don’t think I could do that im going to be scared enough. We spoke to her today to see what sort of supplies needed to be brought up with us. She told us to bring long shirts and pants as the insects there are pretty bad but they are bad were we are now and im in long stuff already. She also said once we get to hicks island we then have to drive a 14 ft boat out to the island which im a little bitscared of as well, its about 7 km and it can be a bit rough in the middle, but we will only do this if the weather is okay. We then let them know what we need and he is getting all the supplies now  ready to take with us.

We are getting ready with packing up the van ,and on Sunday ,we take it to friends who are going to look after it. Matt and Sarah are looking after the car.
Well not much more tell you at this stage but im sure there is going to be some great stories to come for the next 8 weeks to 12 weeks

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